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be a scandal

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe a scandalbe a scandalBritish English spokenSHOCK to be very shocking or unacceptable The price of petrol these days is an absolute scandal! scandal
Examples from the Corpus
be a scandalA free for all was a scandal.Employment training in Britain is a scandal and is often run by Government-appointed has-beens from industry accountable to no-one.For the first Christians to claim this as the heart of their faith was a scandal of the first order.The marriage was a scandal in Seoul.A bug for efficiency, he felt that the waste of money and effort on doomed irrigation ventures was a scandal.I mean the wages are a scandal, aren't they?Like the poll tax, the consequences will be a scandal.The Shadow Agriculture Minister says privatisation would be a scandal and could threaten jobs in the timber industry.
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