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be a sight

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe a sightbe a sight (also look a sight)UNTIDYSTRANGE to look very funny or stupid, or very untidy or unpleasant We’d had an all-night party, and the place looked a bit of a sight. sight
Examples from the Corpus
be a sightThe greatest variety of birds are sighted in late April and May and in late August and September.New York's new Health Commissioner is a sight.Wouldn't it be a sight easier if they kept their passion for a paid mistress?It was a sight and a situation long to be remembered.It was a sight beyond his wildest nightmare.In the wild, they can often be sighted migrating in bevies of a hundred or more birds.A school of sperm whales is sighted.You, you were sighted on seven nineteen, you had sufficient time to get appropriate staff permit.
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