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be a slave to/of something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe a slave to/of somethingbe a slave to/of somethingEFFECT/INFLUENCEto be so strongly influenced by something that you cannot make your own decisions – used to show disapproval a slave to fashion slave
Examples from the Corpus
be a slave to/of somethingGone are the days when those with the will to be chic had to be slaves of fashion.This happened a mere seven or eight times a day and Jack was a slave to her whims.We need not be slaves to our technologies.He would not be a slave to wealth.But most overseas buyers of the clothes are not sports fans - they are slaves to the fashion for Americana.They are slaves to the prejudices of the epoch in which they were written.You don't need to be a slave to fashion.They both show how we are slaves of the car.
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