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be a snap

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe a snapbe a snapAmerican English informalEASY to be very easy to do The test was a snap. snap
Examples from the Corpus
be a snapMargaret and Jack Carolan, from Huyton, had sneaked a camera inside and were snapping off shots as keepsakes.As soon as the ball was snapped, I took off after them.The Oilers called timeout before the ball was snapped, so there was no penalty.Managing a team of millionaires can be a snap compared to a team of 12-year-olds, however.Customers are snapping up the top quality magazine with its wonderful photography and editorial.Pasta dough is a snap to make.No sooner had Vasili's feet touched the ground than a pair of tight-fitting handcuffs was snapped around his wrists.An immediately adjacent specimen was snap frozen in the endoscopy suite.After this morning he thinks the Big Nurse is going to be a snap.
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