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be a student of something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe a student of somethingbe a student of somethingLEARNto be very interested in a particular subject He’s obviously an excellent student of human nature. student
Examples from the Corpus
be a student of somethingHe announced that he was a student of divinity; did Mr Arkwright read his Bible?In the evening I was invited to have dinner with a citizen of the city, whose son is a student of.Jim is a student of mathematics.Most journalists are students of human behaviour.Before the hobbyists even integrated the word into their lexicon, Raskin was a student of interface.She was a student of some sort, I don't know of what.One of them was a student of military uniforms.Weber was a student of social organisations and was interested in how organisations could direct the individuals in them towards given objectives.
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