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be a study in something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe a study in somethingbe a study in somethingliteraryEXAMPLE to be a perfect example of something His face was a study in fear. study
Examples from the Corpus
be a study in somethingBrowsing the computer bookshelves is a study in marketing psychology.The downtown area, known as Chelsea, is a study in contrasts.The DynCorp contract is a study in vagueness.In 1850 he was studying in Venice.Platelets are studied in an artificial environment and the very process of preparing the platelet sample for study may affect their behaviour.Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt were a study in contrasts.And the short story is studied in depth in school and college.The impact of several diseases can be compared directly when they are studied in the same population during the same periods.Nevertheless the specific problems and prospects of the churches' own media need to be studied in greater depth.
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