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be a sucker for somebody/something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe a sucker for somebody/somethingbe a sucker for somebody/somethinginformalLIKE somebody OR something to like someone or something very much, especially so that you cannot refuse them I’m a total sucker for seafood. sucker
Examples from the Corpus
be a sucker for somebody/somethingHe ordered catalogues from Philadelphia and was a sucker for any newly imported plants.I enjoy movies but am a sucker for sad endings.But he was a sucker for that gleam in her eye.The hunter is a sucker for the hunted.Anyway, the scientists found that the mice were suckers for poisoned tuna.She was a sucker for his charm.It all stunned Jack, who was a sucker for slick talk, and he bought me drinks for an hour.
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