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be a waste of time/money/effort etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe a waste of time/money/effort etcbe a waste of time/money/effort etcPOINTLESSto be not worth the time, money etc that you use because there is little or no result We should never have gone – it was a total waste of time. waste
Examples from the Corpus
be a waste of time/money/effort etcAn unrealistically low offer is a waste of time.As I said, many of these divisions of investigation will be a waste of time.But it was a waste of time.He may protest to the auditor that this is a waste of time.I feel annoyed, it is a waste of time.Marx thought that scholarly contemplation was a waste of time.Which was a waste of time really, because all I wanted to do was join Granpa on the barrow.While some thought that they did a good job, a substantial minority felt that they were a waste of time.
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