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be acquainted with something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe acquainted with somethingbe acquainted with somethingformal to know about something, because you have seen it, read it, used it etc She was well acquainted with classical literature. acquainted
Examples from the Corpus
be acquainted with somethingHe has gone through a very extensive course of reading, and is acquainted with all the sciences.The number of scriptural references applicable to bereavement seemed legion - and Kenneth seemed to be acquainted with each and every one.We all know him by reputation, and many of us are acquainted with him person-ally.So you are acquainted with Madonna Benedetta.He and Mr. O'Brien were acquainted with one another and on first name terms.Mr Reed was acquainted with Pedro Bissonnette.When he preached a funeral, you could tell he was acquainted with the deceased.people who are acquainted with the problems of povertyAll teachers must be acquainted with the use of cine projectors.
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