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be agreeable to something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe agreeable to somethingbe agreeable to somethingformalWILLING to be willing to do something or willing to allow something to be done My parents are quite agreeable to my studying abroad. agreeable
Examples from the Corpus
be agreeable to somethingHe was agreeable to a request to help the Republican senator out.Olga and Boyd Stych are going to be blamed, because everyone will think they were agreeable to its publication.They want an outcome that is agreeable to both countries.They were agreeable to look at, Converse thought.My grandmother was agreeable to marrying Gaetano.If those conditions were fulfilled, the father was agreeable to pay.If you are agreeable to the suggestion, the financial arrangements need not be a barrier to you.This analysis proceeds on the assumption that resource suppliers are agreeable to these adjustments.Her general practitioner was agreeable to this plan.
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