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be agreed

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe agreedbe agreedAGREEif people are agreed, they have discussed something and agree about what to dobe agreed on All parties are now agreed on the plan.be agreed that We’re all agreed that we cannot spend what we have not earned. agreed
Examples from the Corpus
be agreed thatIt was agreed that a final report on the Structural Impediment talks would be issued in July 1990.Finally it was agreed that both should get down at the same moment.It was agreed that community groups should give some thought to campaigning to have these facilities installed.Most psychologists are agreed that recognition and approval can be powerful motivators.At the end of the year it was agreed that Somerville would share Wadham's Sports Ground from 1991.Let it be agreed that the doctrine is anomalous.It was agreed that the Village Association should donate £100 towards the expenses. 4.
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