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be alive with something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe alive with somethingbe alive with somethingBUSY/HAVE A LOT TO DOto be full of living things that are moving The pond was alive with fish. alive
Examples from the Corpus
be alive with somethingwooded canyons alive with birdsThis one corner of City College was alive with a sense of possibility.The walls were alive with branches, running over the stone like veins.The store is alive with colorful creations, and it is hard to know where to look first.The dry ground was alive with game.The street was alive with music.Our voluntary, nonprofit organizations are alive with new initiatives.Looking through the rubble, Ruth saw the whole Castle was alive with the sparks of spears.Suburban roads were alive with the squish of chamois leather.Within minutes the room was alive with them.
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