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be all in

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe all inbe all inBritish English to be very tired all
Examples from the Corpus
be all inThe dining table and chairs are all in black walnut.We apologize to anyone whose name we have forgotten in the rush of deadline time; you are all in good company.So that was how it came out about the kiddy dying - it was all in some letter.It was all in the knees, he said, and he had liked to ski in better times.What did they need shamanism for, he asked me, if it was all in the New Testament?I haven't seen the other squads: I assume Macca, Speed, and Dorigo are all in there.These works have been reprinted in various editions and are all in print at this writing.It may not look like it in the mirror, but getting fat is all in your head.
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