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be (all) of a piece

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe (all) of a piecebe (all) of a piecea) SAMEif the things someone says or does are all of a piece, they are part of the typical behaviour of that personbe (all) of a piece with Sexist language is all of a piece with the way some men treat women. b) SAMEto be the same or similar in all parts The architecture here is all of a piece. piece
Examples from the Corpus
be (all) of a pieceMy body was all of a piece, it did not have any seams.It was all of a piece with them.It was of a piece with the neglected timber, the weedy gravel and the minatory notices which guarded the bounds.Murray's sensitive readings of Marvell's poetry argue that the life is of a piece with the work.But it really is all of a piece in the end.Lehane does, but then that is of a piece with the rest of this marvellous book.
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