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be all over somebody

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe all over somebodybe all over somebodyinformal to be trying to kiss someone and touch them, especially in a sexual way Before I could speak, he was all over me. all
Examples from the Corpus
be all over somebodyAfter verse 2 even the city itself remains nameless until verse 25, by which time it is all over.But then I also say I wish it was all over.By this time, it was all over.It was all over and she was glad.I was glad it was all over for him - and, it must be admitted, for me too.Battler opened up with the violin and it was all over in a few minutes.He was all over me at the dance.Hopefully, it was all over now and he'd be able to take a spot of leave.Domestic violence, they say, is all over town, in all types of neighborhoods.
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