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be (all) to the good

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe (all) to the goodbe (all) to the goodused to say that something that happens is good, especially when it is in addition to or as the result of something else If further improvements can be made, that would be all to the good. good
Examples from the Corpus
be (all) to the goodIf the higher insurance rates means that drivers will be extra careful, then it's all to the good.And I think you will agree it will be to the best advantage of all if the holidays were curtailed.This will increase efficiency and be to the good of the respective communities.It was encouraging, it was all to the good, it made his decision seem timely, fixed to favorable circumstances.If he had something special for her, that was all to the good.This meant all trains had to stop and, as Lydham Heath was our station, this was all to the good.This is all to the good.One can reckon that to be all to the good, from a stranger.That would be all to the good.
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