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be allergic to something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe allergic to somethingbe allergic to somethinginformal if you are allergic to something, you do not like it and try to avoid it – used humorously Most men are allergic to housework! allergic
Examples from the Corpus
be allergic to somethingPeople who are allergic to eggs will probably be allergic to Egg Beaters since they contain egg white.Alejandro was allergic to greys, particularly the whiter ones.Some people are allergic to insects.Janice Bowers, the botanist and author, tells me that I might be allergic to mold.A small number of people are allergic to nuts.Many people who know they are allergic to stings carry an epinephrine shot with them.Then I tried a different Durex, but I was allergic to them all.Unless you are allergic to them, natural fillings are preferable.
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