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be apt to do something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe apt to do somethingbe apt to do somethingOFTENto have a natural tendency to do something syn tend to Some of the staff are apt to arrive late on Mondays. apt
Examples from the Corpus
be apt to do somethingSome of the employees are apt to arrive late on Mondays.One of these was apt to be Catholic Social Services.Somehow, without guidance and peer influence, cricketers are apt to bite the hand that feeds them.Farm workers are apt to complain that they now feel like strangers in their own village.The pond was apt to dry up during summer.When a moving object catches their attention, babies are apt to focus on it.He was apt to get very upset when things went wrong.Our more skeptical age is apt to greet a performance like this with a smirk, as just more fussy Victorian moralism.Clients are apt to minimise numbers of assignments, whilst headhunters maximise them, and neither are willing to divulge exact figures.Mr Spock's ears are distractingly perky and he is apt to panic or, worse, to smile.In the evenings, when I am apt to recede to a withdrawn vacancy, she will come to stroke my hand.
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