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be asking for trouble

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe asking for troublebe asking for troubleSENSIBLEto do something that is very likely to have a bad effect or result Saying that to a feminist is just asking for trouble. ask
Examples from the Corpus
be asking for troubleAnyone who buys second-hand car tires is just asking for trouble.Producing a play without an interval these days is asking for trouble.That would simply be asking for trouble!Walking around downtown late at night is just asking for trouble.You'd better check the oil in your car. Otherwise you're just asking for trouble.You need to have a good knowledge of the industry before you buy stocks, or you're asking for trouble.Certainly don't put them one in front of the other, as this is asking for trouble.If you leave your wallet unattended on the beach while frolicking in the waves, you are asking for trouble.Kitty was totally preoccupied with the threatened invasion, and to tell her this would be asking for trouble.One cautious council member thought the parish would be asking for trouble by starting a sister-parish relationship in a war zone.It was asking for trouble especially if you wore glasses like him.
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