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be at a loss

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe at a lossbe at a lossEXPRESSto be confused and uncertain about what to do or say When her son finally left home, Emily felt completely at a loss.be at a loss to do something Detectives are so far at a loss to explain the reason for his death. He seemed, for once, at a loss for words (=unable to think what to say). loss
Examples from the Corpus
be at a lossLord said he was at a loss to find room to play his shots in the first two games.He was at a loss to explain to himself why he found it so appealing.Her performances were legendary, and I am at a loss to describe them now.I am at a loss to understand all this.I was at a loss with you being so beautiful and intelligent and all that.Still, you will not be at a loss for conversation with such an unusual choice.With the provisions stored away, Robbie was at a loss for occupation.
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