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be at liberty to do something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe at liberty to do somethingbe at liberty to do somethingformalRIGHT/HAVE THE RIGHT TO to have the right or permission to do something I am not at liberty to discuss these matters. liberty
Examples from the Corpus
be at liberty to do somethingElsewhere anyone was at liberty to hang up a shingle and go into practice as a physician.Staff in these Departments considering additional computers are at liberty to submit suggestions through line management in the usual way. 3.Time when he was at liberty to go fishing or take a drive along the coast.While I am still free, I am at liberty to take my pleasure when I choose.The secretary of state told reporters, "I am not at liberty to get into the details" of the proposal.Freed from the trappings of conventional morality, Van Ness is at liberty to invent his own.And the world will say: now she is at liberty to pursue her inclination, the parson is the man.Also, of course, a trust is at liberty to raise new capital by an issue of additional ordinary or debenture shares.But we are at liberty to form our own judgement of the person doing so.We are not at liberty to discuss our hiring practices.You are quite at liberty to make an official complaint if you wish.
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