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be at odds

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe at oddsbe at oddsa) DISAGREEto disagreebe at odds with Briggs found himself at odds with his colleagues.be at odds over/on The two politicians were at odds over what was the truth. b) DIFFERENTif two statements, descriptions, actions etc are at odds with each other, they are different although they should be the samebe at odds with Mark’s account of what happened is at odds with Dan’s. She gave him a sweet smile, totally at odds with the look of dislike in her eyes. odds
Examples from the Corpus
odds withSometimes these two books are at odds with one another.Immediate desires can be at odds with longer-term satisfactions.Price and the number purchased vary directly. and these real-world data seem to be at odds with the law of demand.That decision is at odds with the fact that consumer organisations have been established to monitor larger privatised industries.Her description is at odds with Tiller's.Improvisation is at odds with the legitimate caution in managerial concerns over decision making, strategy organization design, and compliance.The Buchanan trade plank is at odds with long-standing Republican endorsements of free trade.Although they enjoyed the session provided, it was at odds with their expectations.
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