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be at pains to do something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe at pains to do somethingbe at pains to do somethingCAREFULto be especially careful to make sure people understand what you are saying or what you plan to do Roy was at pains to point out that English was the only exam he’d ever failed. pain
Examples from the Corpus
be at pains to do somethingShe taught in a racially mixed school and was at pains to correct simple stereotypes and unthinking prejudices.A year on they acknowledge the problems, but are at pains to defend the good name of their community.The U.S. military has been at pains not to offend its Muslim host.These he is at pains to hide in order to promote the fiction of his rise from rags to riches.Mrs Henessy was at pains to say that she was fighting for a principle, not just for financial compensation.I was at pains to show how and why.Writers in the early art and photographic journals were at pains to define its precise meaning.Officials were at pains to point out that it was focused on resolving border disputes and promoting trade.She was at pains to tell me - several times - that her male friends were divided into two groups.They are at pains to insist that they are not called to be a denomination.
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