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be at variance (with somebody/something)

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe at variance (with somebody/something)be at variance (with somebody/something)formalDIFFERENT if two people or things are at variance with each other, they do not agree or are very different Tradition and culture are often at variance with the needs of modern living. variance
Examples from the Corpus
be at variance (with somebody/something)The Communists were at variance with all their previous allies and there was room for an alternative viewpoint.Cabinet's vision of the Task Force was at variance with Heseltine's own ideas.It is quite clear that this thread of non-incrimination is at variance with the recent emphasis on obtaining confession evidence.The research examines this conclusion since it is at variance with rational economic planning.Her current statement is at variance with what she said July 10.There is likely to be material that is at variance with your own views.This was at variance with the Eurocheque system as exempted by the Commission in 1984.This shows a Spartan caution which is at variance with their previous bellicosity over Samos.The Spirit reconciles men who were at variance.
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