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be/become second nature (to somebody)

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe/become second nature (to somebody)be/become second nature (to somebody)THINK ABOUTsomething that is second nature to you is something you have done so often that you do it almost without thinking Driving becomes second nature after a while. second
Examples from the Corpus
be/become second nature (to somebody)Gradually those qualities become second nature.If one is well grounded in youth, the object of love and sound toilet training, these things become second nature.Pay close attention to the sweep pattern and strokes, and this will eventually become second nature.Practice breathing in this way for twenty minutes each day until it becomes second nature.Typing becomes second nature after a while.By the time you die, you should be so used to paying taxes that it would almost be second nature anyway.The strange and difficult was becoming second nature in the way that it had when I'd learned to fly.Management by objective was becoming second nature in the West Wing.But the main reason for my silence was that secrecy and deception had by then become second nature to me.
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