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be beside the point

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe beside the pointbe beside the pointCONNECTED WITHto not be directly connected with the main subject or problem that you are talking about He’s very charming, but that’s beside the point. beside
Examples from the Corpus
be beside the pointIt's unrealistic, but that's beside the point - it's just good entertainment.But the pedigree of this idea is beside the point.But to criticize Mr Hall's production as an exercise in fuddy-duddy Shakespeare is beside the point.He may manufacture these life units as required and he may simply have a given supply: that is beside the point.She had come to no harm, but that was beside the point.This semantic distinction is beside the point; the special admissions program is undeniably a classification based on race and ethnic back-ground.What the outcome of seeing him might be is beside the point.
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