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be besotted (with somebody/something)

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe besotted (with somebody/something)be besotted (with somebody/something)LOVEto love or want someone or something so much that you cannot think or behave sensibly He’s completely besotted with her. besotted
Examples from the Corpus
be besotted (with somebody/something)But when they met John was besotted with somebody else, and when that finished they were already close friends.Coffee break fiction Richard was besotted with his wife, Susan.John and Keith were not lovers long, but while it lasted John was besotted.Langton, 20, was besotted with the young wife of his victim, the jury was told.My parents were besotted with each other and always in each other's arms.She could see that Mrs Morey was besotted with the Foundling child, and she began to feel sorry for her.
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