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be blessed with something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe blessed with somethingbe blessed with somethingHAVEto have a special ability, good quality etc We’re both blessed with good health. bless
Examples from the Corpus
be blessed with somethingHe's blessed with the ability to laugh at himself.And he is blessed with a beautiful, evenly produced, voice.We were blessed with a driver who clearly believed that his best hope lay in reincarnation, and the sooner the better.Winnetka is blessed with a long history of progressive education.Nicholson's are blessed with a range of pubs that are magnificent buildings.Korb is blessed with a sunny vocal style, her phrasing both easygoing and all her own.Tucson is blessed with an abundance of restaurants and small eateries, with new ones popping up almost daily.The city is blessed with an excellent location.Few gardens are blessed with an ideal site.The third and final session was blessed with warm and sunny weather so we all got tired because of the heat!
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