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be blind to something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe blind to somethingbe blind to somethingto completely fail to notice or realize somethingblindly International companies are all too often blind to local needs. He was totally blind to the faults of his children. blind
Examples from the Corpus
be blind to somethingThe White House seems blind to the struggles of the middle class.Pentheus by now was blind to everything except his anger and his scorn.He also loved his daughter, and was blind to her eccentricities.The therapists and the interviewers who assessed treatment effect were blinded to the drug treatment the patients were receiving.I am blinded to the heart.Neither television nor the publishing establishment were blind to the possibilities.Gone are the days when scientists were blind to the world beneath their feet.Most are blind to their faults.Not that the leaders of the Reformation were blind to this.
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