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be booked up

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe booked upbe booked upa) if a hotel, restaurant etc is booked up, there are no more rooms, places, seats etc still available The courses quickly get booked up. b) if someone is booked up, they are extremely busy and have arranged a lot of things they must do I’m all booked up this week – can we get together next Friday? book
Examples from the Corpus
be booked upI'm all booked up this week, but I can see you on Monday.But all flights were booked up.Both of the safari buses were booked up solid for the month after that.His courses in Wengen and Tignes can be booked up through Supertravel: 01-584 5060.So it's no surprise that a safety seminar for women was booked up within days of being announced.Nicholas Hytner is booked up years ahead on both opera and theatre.
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