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be bound (together) by something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe bound (together) by somethingbe bound (together) by somethingif two people or groups are bound together by something, they share a particular experience or situation that causes them to have a relationshipunite The two nations were bound together by a common history. bound
Examples from the Corpus
be bound (together) by somethingThe Revenue will not subsequently be bound by any information or statements given, whether expressly or implicitly in relation to the claim.Furthermore, the nature of political authority in representative democracies means that governments are bound by doctrines of accountability.He was bound by golden handcuffs to the Salomon Brothers mortgage trading depart-ment.They were bound by it so long as it was not in conflict with their statutory duty.Decisions and actions are bound by precedent. 3.The Martins too are bound by the same federal law and could be prosecuted.The two groups were bound together by their hatred of the factory in which they worked.If the parties do not wish to be bound by time limits there should be none in the lease.The political order is bound by values.
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