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be bound up in something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe bound up in somethingbe bound up in somethingto be very involved in something, so that you cannot think about anything else He was too bound up in his own problems to listen to mine. bound
Examples from the Corpus
be bound up in somethingJim's too bound up in his own worries to be able to help us.The history of music is, of course, bound up with the development of musical instruments.More usually, the body was bound up in a folded position, with the knees under the chin.The victim of horrendous physical and emotional abuse, she was failed by all those who were bound up in her care.Although activists take on global economic and political issues, their affiliations, allegiances and loyalties are bound up in local communities.All our limitations are bound up in our intellectual mind with its boundaries and imperfections and its tendency to emotional distortion.Extension cords that looked frayed or suspicious were bound up in Scotch cellophane tape.Moral and economic rights are bound up in the concept of copyright.These very weak stones are rich in water, which is bound up in both hydrated salts and clay minerals.
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