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be bound up with something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe bound up with somethingbe bound up with somethingto be very closely connected with a particular problem or situation Mark’s problems are all bound up with his mother’s death when he was ten. The people of Transkei began to realize that their future was inseparably bound up with that of South Africa. bound
Examples from the Corpus
be bound up with somethingThis therefore brings me to the second reason why democracy is bound up with a measure of economic and social equality.A most sacred obligation was bound up with a most atrocious crime.But they were important in their time, and their families were bound up with Fred Taylor all his life.It is bound up with the family as a whole.The doctrine of precedent is bound up with the need for a reliable system of law reporting.Human rights in general and the right to communicate in particular are bound up with the notion of democracy.According to a long and dominant tradition, the physical is bound up with the spatial.
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