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be bounded by something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe bounded by somethingbe bounded by somethingEDGEif a country or area of land is bounded by something such as a wall, river etc, it has the wall etc at its edgeboundary a yard bounded by a wooden fence The US is bounded in the north by Canada and in the south by Mexico. bound
Examples from the Corpus
be bounded by somethingThe courtyard was bounded by a range of cloisters two storeys high.The U.S. is bounded in the north by Canada and in the south by Mexico.When the young worker's social world was bounded by his village such considerations did not matter.Like a family, we are bounded by history, duty, love and mandatory interaction.And at the same time their influence must be bounded by other, dominant ISAs.Our knowledge is bounded by our ideas, and extends only so far as they are ideas of real essences.World history was bounded by these two events.The Apollonian Gasket, attributed to Apollonius of Perga, is bounded by three large circles tangent two by two.Where I live at present is bounded by two rivers and is quite close to the sea.
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