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be brief

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe briefbe briefSHORT/NOT LONGto say or write something using only a few words, especially because there is little time I’ll be brief; a lot of changes are going to happen. brief
Examples from the Corpus
be briefI'm sure you're all very busy, so I'll be brief.Sometimes the dates do not tally with known events, and often the entries are brief.The client should then be briefed.I'll be brief - a lot of changes are going to happen.Lieutenant, I'll be brief and I'll be candid -- when do you plan to leave?I'll be as brief as possible so as not to waste your time.The dream is brief but perplexing.Here are brief extracts from public Elgar performances caught on the wing.Your task is a series of missions, each more perilous than the last, and you are briefed on each beforehand.Senior members of Congress were briefed on the details of the arms deal.Writing is not much given to elaborating events that are brief, sudden, and inexplicable.The moments of ecstasy were brief, the hours of remorse endless.
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