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be burdened with/by something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe burdened with/by somethingbe burdened with/by somethingPROBLEMto have a lot of problems because of a particular thing a company burdened with debt unburden burden
Examples from the Corpus
be burdened with/by somethingThe colliery is struggling to fulfil its contracts and is burdened by £1.7 million in debts.Malthus was burdened by a fatalism induced by fears of population growth and resource shortages.In the county gaols of Gloucester and Dorchester it was only debtors who were burdened with fees.Apple is burdened with higher development costs than its competition; yet it has had to cut prices to compete.Poor Griet is burdened by more than having to scrub the Vermeer family smalls in this fictional biography of a painting.Alas! the centuries are fraught with pain, and man is burdened by fear and woe.Surgeons should not be burdened with the responsibility of assessing their own degree of risk.James Madison, who was burdened with the War of 1812, was branded as both a warmonger and a coward.
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