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be burdened with something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe burdened with somethingbe burdened with somethingCARRYto be carrying something heavy burden
Examples from the Corpus
be burdened with somethingThe man, burdened with grocery bags, had trouble walking up the steps.The 20-year-old was burdened with a far heavier load during those pre- dawn hours.In the county gaols of Gloucester and Dorchester it was only debtors who were burdened with fees.After all, few are burdened with having to complete annual income tax returns.Apple is burdened with higher development costs than its competition; yet it has had to cut prices to compete.People will then not have to be burdened with the labels of friction and division.Surgeons should not be burdened with the responsibility of assessing their own degree of risk.James Madison, who was burdened with the War of 1812, was branded as both a warmonger and a coward.Older manufacturing companies are burdened with tremendous health care costs for retired employees.
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