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be capped by something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe capped by somethingbe capped by somethingto have something very good or very bad at the end of an event a fabulous weekend, capped by dinner in the Times Square Hotel cap
Examples from the Corpus
be capped by somethingSaturday night was capped by a ranger program, goodies and campfire stories.The festivities were capped by an emotional presentation of a set of Bohemian cut glass from the staff to Bernard and Laura.The jute tips were capped by an ethereal green mist, through which a dozen or so fist-sized stars peeked.They were capped by flat discs and had a smooth surface without any semblance of an aero dynamic profile.The five-run flurry was capped by Steve Finley, who hit a three-run homer.And it fears spending could soon be capped by the Government.
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