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be carried

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe carriedbe carriedif a suggestion, proposal etc is carried, most of the people at an official meeting vote for it and it is accepted The amendment was carried by 292 votes to 246. The resolution was carried unanimously (=everyone agreed). Those in favour of the motion raise your arm. Those against? The motion is carried (=proposal is accepted). carry
Examples from the Corpus
be carriedChao's proposal for a new downtown parking facility was carried at yesterday's council meeting.The motion was carried by 76 votes.Unrelieved losses may also be carried forward and, subject to certain restrictions, set against future profits.This work is carried forward in the present project.She was carried From the tent.A bar will also be carried on the train.They did not believe us, and were carried on to Banbury.Replacement should be carried out over a 3-to 5-day period.If high value loads are carried regularly, an appropriate annual premium should be sought.The amendment to the bill was carried unanimously.
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