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be clear of something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe clear of somethingbe clear of somethingTOUCHto not be touching something, or to be past someone or something Wait to cross until the street is clear of cars. The curtains should be a couple of inches clear of the floor. clear
Examples from the Corpus
be clear of somethingEventually, he was cleared of the charge when she admitted to lying.He and two friends were cleared of the killing on appeal earlier this week.The burglars were cleared of any involvement in her disappearance.The gutter between the sidewalk and granite slabs is cleared of leaves and litter.The Red River delta was cleared of the Viet Minh, who retired to the hills.Others, like Pearl Robbins, in her 70s, skipped their turn to cross until the crosswalk was clear of cars.He grabbed him, flipping him over on to his back so that the gunman's mouth and nostrils were clear of the sea.The humped-up middle part was clear of the water.
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