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be/come along

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe/come alongbe/come alongto arrive Another bus should be along in a minute. Every so often, a band comes along that changes music history. along
Examples from the Corpus
be/come alongBut every now and then, a bombshell comes along.Let Hilda know if you are coming along.They go to a place where they can be along and be able to find their soul.Until you came along, Century House was right out on a limb.Snake come along he bite you.Radiation, coming along shortly thereafter as a therapy method, reinforced this concept of cancer as a local body problem.You get these crackpot ideas about helping people who come along to you with a mournful tale.Nevertheless, if we allow ourselves to be swayed by every fashion that comes along, we live in a perpetual muddle.
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