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be/come on the scene

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe/come on the scenebe/come on the sceneTHEREto be or become involved in a situation, activity etc By then, there was a boyfriend on the scene. scene
Examples from the Corpus
be/come on the sceneNo doubt when the subsidy commissioners came on the scene they were prevailed on to restore assessments to approximately the levels of 1515.By then, Wife Number Five had come on the scene.Etty with her friend Dolly Murchie, had come on the scene.I try to explain that Charles was only four when I came on the scene.All this quickness of mind, all her decisiveness had turned to mush when Mac came on the scene.But we must keep in mind that millions of species arose and disappeared long before mankind came on the scene.That is where the plugger and press officer come on the scene.By then, there was a boyfriend on the scene.
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