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be/come up against somebody/something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe/come up against somebody/somethingbe/come up against somebody/somethingPROBLEMto have to deal with a difficult opponent or problem You see, this is what we’re up against – the suppliers just aren’t reliable. against
Examples from the Corpus
be/come up against somebody/somethingThe acts were not just reluctant to offend, but even to probe beyond the first middle-class convention they came up against.And what do you do when to come up against a brick wall?Here, Wade realized, he had come up against a few firm truths.Together, they come up against an extraordinarily barbaric state bureaucracy and not a few disappointments.What you have here is a situation where custom and convention comes up against constitutional guarantees.In every direction he came up against his own incompleteness.A ripple of crowd laughter came up against the breeze from the direction of the main grandstands.At every turn workers found themselves coming up against the State.
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