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be commissioned (into something)

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe commissioned (into something)be commissioned (into something)PMto be given an officer’s rank in the army, navy etc I was commissioned into the RAF. commission
Examples from the Corpus
be commissioned (into something)These arms were commissioned at the time for a New Bond Street warehouse at a cost of 20 guineas.Most are commissioned but proposals can be made in advance to the News and Views Editor.The review was commissioned by Jack Straw, the Home Secretary.One of the newest innovations on the Manchester site is the £3m acid tank farm, which was commissioned in June 1990.The container was commissioned on a contract hire agreement with David Robertson Haulage.He was commissioned to write a book on Magritte in 1967.In the summer of 1774 Wolfgang was commissioned to write an opera buffa for the next carnival season in Munich.
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