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be common/standard/normal practice

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe common/standard/normal practicebe common/standard/normal practiceUSUALLYto be the usual and accepted way of doing something It’s common practice in many countries for pupils to repeat a year if their grades are low. It’s standard practice to seek parents’ permission wherever possible. practice
Examples from the Corpus
be common/standard/normal practiceWhatever the circumstances, it is standard practice in embryo transfer to introduce several embryos at a time.It is normal practice for the definitive sale and purchase agreement to be drafted by the acquirer's solicitors.It is normal practice for the heads to specify that each party will be responsible for the costs of its own advisers.It is normal practice for the purchaser to order a survey for two reasons.It is normal practice for the vendor to disclose various documents to the purchaser as part of the disclosure exercise.The first is the wide variation in specification and finish that are standard practice in the motor industry.Motorcycles would be kept out by barriers at each end - this is normal practice for cycle/pedestrian paths.This is standard practice, but such an event is unlikely.
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