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be conducive to something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe conducive to somethingbe conducive to somethingformalHELP if a situation is conducive to something such as work, rest etc, it provides conditions that make it easy for you to work etc an environment conducive to learning conducive
Examples from the Corpus
be conducive to somethingPoor ventilation in a room and extremes of temperature can be conducive to discomfort and interfere with concentration when communicating.Marquez concluded that the generally disturbed conditions were conducive to his plan.We want to create a disciplined environment that is conducive to learning.This, he argued, was conducive to liberty.But how could the sovereignty principle provide the basis for an international society and be conducive to orderly relations?In addition, a large migrant labour force is conducive to prostitution.Other things being equal, visual improvements are conducive to survival and reproduction.The working environment is conducive to the achievement of excellence and the work is intellectually challenging.Such warmer, higher-pressure environments would be conducive to the introduction of hardy terrestrial life-forms.
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