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be consistent with something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe consistent with somethingbe consistent with somethingSAMEif a fact, idea etc is consistent with another one, it seems to match it Her injuries are consistent with having fallen from the building. The results are consistent with earlier research. consistent
Examples from the Corpus
be consistent with somethingHer behavior was consistent with that of other rape victims.Any point in the hexagon enclosed by these vectors is consistent with factor price equalization.In our opinion the information given in the Directors' report on pages 11 to 13 is consistent with the financial statements.Interest rates in both markets would still, it should be noted, be consistent with one another.It is consistent with any kind of human behaviour, and just because of that, it tells us nothing about human behaviour.The Company's accounting policies are consistent with previous years.The increased healing rate in wine drinkers is consistent with other reports that moderate alcohol intake may be harmless or beneficial.The yield criterion requires that the highest possible yield be earned that is consistent with the safety and liquidity criteria.This is consistent with the results of Herbst, McCormack and West.
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