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be couched in something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe couched in somethingbe couched in somethingformalEXPRESS to be expressed in a particular way The offer was couched in legal jargon. couch
Examples from the Corpus
be couched in somethingReporters could not attend meetings, press releases were couched in generalities and favoured the conservative line.The message would be couched in Inquisition language; the Astropath would parrot the words out telepathically.Emily Pfeiffer's case for women's education, for example, was couched in language that would appease social Darwinists.While the description of the problem is couched in literary terms, hypotheses ought to be couched in operational terms.The Declaration of Rights itself was couched in the language of political conservatism.The language of the Bible is couched in the language of the first century.At worst a vague objective should be couched in very precise terms.
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