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be courting

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe courtingbe courtingold-fashioned if a man and a woman are courting, they are having a romantic relationship and may get married That was back in the 1960s when we were courting. court
Examples from the Corpus
be courtingAll the while she and Edwin were courting.Attempting to take up a post abroad without any preparatory updating could be courting disaster.In some ways, even long after we married, I would always be courting her.Within a year, universities from around the country were courting him.I know Marie Thwaites was in service at the time she was courting John.I have no idea, either, whether Thomas was courting Susan, or Augusta, or both, or neither.The Girls were so attractive that his relations were courting them and marrying the most beautiful ones behind his back.I seem to be courting you!
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