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be credited to somebody/something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe credited to somebody/somethingbe credited to somebody/somethingDOif something is credited to someone or something, they have achieved it or are the reason for it Much of Manchester United’s success can be credited to their manager. credit
Examples from the Corpus
be credited to somebody/somethingThe revolutionary new drug is widely credited to Arthur Kessler.Any excess over cost of replacement is credited to capital reserve or a specific asset replacement account.Capital receipts would normally be credited to reserves and recorded in the balance sheet.If the bowler throws outside the trebles ring, that score is credited to the batting side as wides.Equivalent sums would be credited to the enterprises' bank accounts, subject to verification that the money had been earned legally.But in one year, a capital receipt was credited to the profit and loss account and included in turnover.In another year, a capital receipt was credited to the profit and loss account but shown as an extraordinary item.Mr. Macfie also gave £400, the annual interest to be credited to the Sustentation Fund of the congregation.A part of this can be credited to the team's frugality.
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